developing a community - together!

The small fishing village of Salinas Grandes is rich in its beauty and in its people, who are warm, welcoming and passionate about the gifts of life naturally bestowed upon them.  At the same time they are tragically poor, with few opportunities and little hope to ease their daily challenges. While they teach their children the values of hard work, honesty and the constant reverence and gratitude for God, they pray nightly that their efforts will mean those same children will have a better tomorrow,  than their own difficult today.  Life is hard and many of the obstacles to a kinder future are just too overwhelming to tackle without help.

There is also a small contingent of neighbors who live in this very special village; neighbors who have lived whole lifetimes in places of greater prosperity, neighbors who have built and managed companies, directed community projects, administered government programs, and delivered valuable public services.   We share in this passion for Salinas Grandes, and we add to it, the great desire to share our experience and the lessons we have learned in our collective lifetimes, with our greater family; the family we joined when we purchased a home (or the land for a future home) in Salinas Grandes.   We hope to have the opportunity to encourage and facilitate the right changes that can help the people, and Nicaragua as a whole, to prosper on a variety of meaningful levels.  Identified projects would provide significant advancement in environmental and health protection and increased financial prosperity for this vital, developing area.